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A lot of us have experienced or are experiencing the fear of missing out (FOMO), and always feel that others have more fulfilling lives than ours. One demographic suffering FOMO immensely is the millennials. There are more channels than ever that foster this fear today because of phones and other devices that are designed to capture every moment and experience. People share their experiences with their friends, family, followers, and strangers. They want to communicate the message that they are leading ideal lives. As a victim of FOMO, the pull-to-refresh motions have been a daily routine in my life. They give me instant gratification which quickly followed by loneliness, emptiness, and even anxiety. I realize that the more I pay attention to others' posts, comments, and thoughts the more self-doubting thoughts I have. FOMO, at its core, comes from the desire to assess our progress by comparing our life to the “highlight reel” of others.


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