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I Think, Therefore I See (VR)

Artists: Xuan Liu, Yiran Wang, and Rita Majek-Oduyoye


I Think Therefore I See is a narrative XR experience with two main narratives. One is based on what those who aren’t visually impaired believe the life of a visually impaired person is like, while the other is creating an experience that best depicts what people with visual impairment report it is like to be visually impaired.  The project's overarching goal is to remove prejudice and preconceptions about vision impairment.

It puts users into the digital shoes of the character named Jacqueline, a visual-impaired lady. Throughout the experience, the user has control over the avatar’s body, and she/he needs to finish Jacqueline’s routine tasks like organizing clothes, picking up the phone, and opening the window. All the data/content list was based on interviews with visually impaired people (n = 1, F, age = 82) and people who are not visually impaired (n = 30). We were trying to represent nuanced ways that a visually impaired person would feel and experience and how VR could potentially help people be less discriminated against.



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