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As the first guest on my virtual gallery journey "Fuzziness". Maro is a cyborg mermaid who possesses an insatiable curiosity, driving her to explore the uncharted realms that lie beyond our familiar reality.

This crown serves as a symbol to Maro's femininity and multifaceted nature while blending biomorphic elements that evoke her deep connection to the ocean.

To add an extra layer of immersion, I've integrated augmented reality (AR) technology into the crown's presentation.


Feel free to take a closer look of it from the comfort of your own space via the AR experience.

I decided to take it a step further by crafting a line of AR-infused T-shirts to introduce my digital creations to a broader audience within the fashion retail space, bridging the gap between digital art and tangible products. To showcase this unique fusion, I organized a pop-up event in collaboration with INSPIRER HUB at 180 Piccadilly in London. 

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