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The pervasiveness of digital technologies, in the future, changing not only human’s standards of living but animal’s. However, nowadays investigations of animal technologies show that pet inventions are more human than pet-centric. Consequently, there is a great concern on the contribution of the pet in the development of their play toys and devices. Moreover, there are concerns on whether the current play tools consider the welfare of the animals. What: Niffler is a brand that strives to exploit the potential of tech-innovations in an animal-centered approach through creating a simulated virtual play environment for dogs, and, at the same time,  bring a vision of how the future Animal-Computer-Interaction (ACI) might unfold.

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Dog “see” the world through scent.

People spend more time interpreting visual data than olfactory information. Dogs are just the opposite. Dogs sensing and interpreting the world first and foremost through their noses. Smell ranks in front of hearing and vision. With a single sniff, noses interpret an entire story without words by using amines and acids emitted by dogs as the basis for chemical communication.

Dogs experience boredom or depression just like humans, and a lack of proper interactions with them can lead to anxiety and destructive behaviors. Consequently, Niffler reduces anxiety by keeping the dogs mentally stimulated. Through Niffler ball, a product that applies findings from multi-sensory innovations to create an olfaction-based playing tool for dogs, and Niffler space, a physical space that provides an immersive experience for dogs to test our new products with their loving families.

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